Bacon Soap – No Baloney, The Other Meat Rub In The Shower

Bacon Soap

 Bacon Soap

Like Bacon? Wanna Strip?….Down and Sud Up

How many times has the following scenario happened to you? You wake up late and have to compress your morning routine into a matter of minutes. In order to get fed and clean, you shower and eat breakfast at the same time. You close your eyes to prevent soap from getting in, and lather up. Too bad you grabbed some bacon instead of the soap; now you are even greasier than before your shower. You feel nasty, but smell delicious. And that’s how you have to go to work. Just think: if you had some Bacon Soap you could have that scent of bacon, without risking all the microbes associated with rubbing your naked body with raw pork products.

And now you finally can have that Bacon Soap you’ve longed for all these years. It’s marbled like real bacon. It smells like real bacon. And while it doesn’t taste like real bacon (trust us), it sure does a body good. A dirty body, that is. Pick up a few bars for you and your friends. Each bar of Bacon Soap comes in a retro, metal tin, which makes it look great near your sink and perfect for gift giving. Bacon Soap – because bacon belongs in your bath!

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