Cholesterol Candy – Bacon Flavored Candy Necklace

Bacon Candy Necklace

 Fancy Bacon Candy Necklace

Remember those candy necklaces we all loved as kids? Well they are back and back with flavor, the flavor of bacon. It has only “bacon” several decades for them to figure out that the chalky original flavor was…. well, garbage.  So they did what anyone would do that needed to enhance flavor, add bacon and a fancy bacon strip pennant that not only makes it delicious but fashionable. But before you jump off and buy this “Chewelry”, heed warning. This candy is for the true seeker of flavor, a real conquistador of the calorie.  That is because the nutritional value on this product is consistent with other bacon products. Which is  Zilch, Zero, Nada, or Non Applicable. But on the bright side there is evidence that it will help support obesity, heart disease and hardening of the arteries. So next time you go out, why settle for a single karat necklace when you can wear a hundred calorie pennant.

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