Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Glow in the Dark Toilet Roll

Don’t like turning the light on when you need an impromptu midnight wee? Your aim may be rubbish, but at least you can find the toilet paper thanks to our Glow in the Dark Toilet Roll! This novelty toilet roll glows eerily in the dark.Ideal bathroom accessories to freak out your guests or add a touch of spookiness to Halloween, don’t blow your nose…glow your nose, with the Glow in the Dark Toilet Roll! Forget your Andrex, this is the ultimate toilet paper. Imagine using the bathroom at night, switching off the light to see a strange glow coming from the side of the toilet…imagine the glow IN the toilet if you’ve forgotten to flush! The Glow in the Dark Toilet Roll makes a fantastic stocking filler, Housewarming present or Birthday gift. Why not twin it with our After Dark Duck for the ultimate Glow in the Dark bathroom!

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