Golf Club Drink Dispenser – The Wine Iron

Golf Club Kooler Klub Drink Dispenser Flas
Golf Club Cooler Club

Golf Club Kooler Klub Details:

The Golf Club Cooler Club is a drink dispensing golf club that you slide in your golf bag and when you feel like hydrating  just give it a couple pumps and enjoy. The golf club is fully insulated and holds 48 ounces, so its enough liquid to provide 4 people a 12oz drink… hot or cold. Depending on what you put in it, it will definitely liven up the party on the green. The possibilities are endless, fill it with your favorite Vino and you instantly have The Wine Iron or maybe a Seagram’s 7 Iron. Either way the shaft of the flask golf club is designed to slide into a golf bag but it is still large enough to hold ice cubes. It even comes with a long brush handle for easy cleaning.  This is the perfect gift ideas for any golfer who wants a fun way to hide your beverages.

  • Golf Club Kooler Klub is insulated to keep drinks hot or cold
  • Discreet pump action keg-type dispenser is all it takes it fill your glass or flask
  • Cleaning brush included