Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Excited about cracking open that bottle of wine? Not as excited as the Happy Man Bottle Stopper! Like a randy Morph from Take Hart (classic 80’s art programme, look it up), the Happy Man Bottle Stopper is always happy to see you. With a huge…smile, pert butt cheeks and large ‘beaver cleaver,’ he is ready to keep your favourite plonk fresh and fruity. This fabulous red Happy Man Bottle Stopper will greet you with a happy face and wide open arms whenever you open the cutlery drawer. He just can’t wait to plunge into the neck of wine or spirit bottles, you can almost hear his little cheers (not guaranteed). With such a whopping winkie, our Happy Man Bottle Stopper is bound to raise a few laughs as well as eyebrows at the dinner table. What a corker!