Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets – So Sweet You Might Need Insulin

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

 Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets – So Sweet You Might Need Insulin

The miracle berry fruit tablets are designed to trick your taste buds. In fact these Miracle Fruits (sometimes called Miracle Berries) have been a considered a secret wonders of the world for centuries now. The miracles berries were first document by some French dude back in 1725 but they were eaten for many generation prior to this. They were eaten before meals to make the meals taste better. How they work is they make sour and bitter foods taste sweet. I know what your thinking, “How?” Well science doesn’t completely understand why this happens. They think it has something to do with the protein miraculin that bonds to your taste buds, but beyond that it’s all a mystery. The only thing that is known for sure is that this berry works and its a true miracle. These pills will make limes taste like the sweetest limeade, lemons taste like the sweetest lemonade and It will make oranges, which are already sweet, taste like they were picked from the Garden of Eden.  These little things are incredible. You can join the new craze of hosting “flavor tripping” parties. Everyone gets a dose of Miracle Berry, and then you taste things. You can even help your diet with Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets – healthy yucky foods will taste like candy and you won’t crave sugar-laden (i.e. fattening) candy anymore. See…it’s a miracle!

Please note: Highly acidic foods (like pure lemon juice) will taste wonderful, but will still harm your mouth if you drink too much.

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

  • Dissolve half a tablet on your tongue and sour and bitter foods will taste sweet
  • Flavor-bending effects can last up to 1 hour
  • No harmful side effects (other than wanting more)
  • Each tablet is 3/8″ in diameter and is two servings (10 tablets/20 servings per box)
  • Take 1/2 a tablet – or take a whole one for a more intense experience
  • Ingredients: Miracle Berry powder and corn starch – nothing else!


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