Portable Super Nintendo – 16-Bit Is Still The Shit

SupaBoy SNES - Portable Super Nintendo
Hyperkin SupaBoy SNES – Portable Super Nintendo Console

Who cares about any other gaming systems? All you need is a portable SNES, it will provide you with every bit of entertainment, 16-bit to be exact. And it’s finally here, it only took two decades but Super Nintendo is now being offered portable.  This is the perfect gift idea for any gamer, in fact I can’t think of a more perfect gift idea for gamers. At home or on the go, the SupaBoy is a portable Super Nintendo System that plays all your favorite SNES and Super Famicom cartridges anywhere you are. Portable or home console, the SupaBoy is the choice. Do I need to carry on with the description? I’ll make it simple, It’s a portable, handheld SNES console that will play all of your classic SNES cartridges. Now go back to your gaming roots and get it today.