Airzooka Air Gun – Blow Them Away and Leave No Evidence

Airzooka Air Gun

 Airzooka Air Gun
Never Leave The Ground While You Launch Your Full Air Assault.  The Airzooka is a gun that blows a huge but harmless pocket of air at any object, person, or animal you wish. This airball is far from weak, it will travel over twenty feet. Its amazing how much fun you can have with air.

You can mess up someones hair, blow up dresses or skirts, or devastate a desk piled with papers, just to name a few. The Airzooka’s accuracy will “blow you away.” One thing for sure is that your pet is guaranteed to hate this thing, but the entertainment of watching your pet jump 2 feet in the air as a ghost like ball of air nails it is priceless. The Air  Zooka Gun is a must have for any office prank and is a necessity during office warfare. The gun requires no batteries or electricity and the gun is operated by pulling and releasing the built in elastic air launcher. And the best part is that as long as you remain on earth, you will be provided with an endless supply of ammo.

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