Beer Bottle To Go Plate

The Go Plate – Blue – 10 Pack

The Go Plate is the answer to mobile socializing. Hold your plate and drink in one hand easily, then eat, greet, and cheer with the other hand. They’re perfect for tailgating, picnics, outdoor concerts, street fairs and more. The Go Plate has a specially engineered center cone that accommodates glass bottles and aluminum cans, resting comfortably and snugly around them, and it has a specially designed ridge that can also accommodate standard 16/18-ounce plastic cups. To enjoy your beverage, you just lift The Go Plate off.

Go Plates are made of sturdy RPET (the same plastic used with water and other clear bottles) and are recyclable. Additionally, you can re-use your Go Plates, as they can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher (top rack safe).

To “operate” a Go Plate, simply select a drink and place it under the plate.

  • If it is a bottle, push it through the top opening. It is now secure for eating off the plate. Lift plate off to drink, replace, repeat until you are full.
  • If it is a can, take your free hand, and push the plate cone down until the can meets the underneath side of the cone opening. It is now secure for eating off the plate. To drink, twist the can and the plate in opposite directions to lift the plate off the can.
  • If is it a cup, carefully rest the plate on the cup, securing the top lip of the cup in one of 3 sets of ridges under the cone meant to provide a point to balance the plate on the cup. Push to snap into place for more stable eating. Unsnap to drink, replace plate, repeat until you are full.