Bug Vacuum Gun – Get Rid Of Spiders, Mosquitoes, and Flies

Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun

Are You Afraid Of Spiders?

Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun – Insects, Bugs, and Spiders

Alright so your outside eating on a nice “Swarm” day and the flies won’t leave your sandwich alone, How do they always know when your eating? Your sitting on the couch watching tv and you hear your girlfriend scream, “Spider!” Well these will be problems of the past once you get the Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun. This bug/spider vacuum gun will suck up the problematic insect with ease making your house a no fly zone. You also get to choose whether it lives or dies. If you want to be merciful, just slip on the catch and release cartiridge. Then cock your gun and move it close to your prey. When the fly or spider is in range, pull the trigger! A loud pop will sound as your fly is sucked into the cartridge. Now snap on the magnifying glass top and examine your captive prey. At this point is where you get to choose the fate of your prisioner. You can kill it, release it outside, or in your boss’s office.

Th Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun is a powerful weapon when it comes to removing insects and spiders. The first thing you should notice when you pick up this gun is the quality and how it feels in your hand. How does it work you ask? well it sucks, literally. The pistol uses powerful inward gust of air to pull the insect into a locking chamber. The sucking action stuns the bugs and lets you snap on a top. The cartridge the bug ends up in has a fly-gate tip which allows the bugs to enter but exit. This makes it easy to take them outside and let them go, alive.  But before you let them go, you can study your captive through the magnifying glasss tip provided. With the Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun in your holster, you’ll be able remove any pest you want. This is the perfect gift idea for anyone that is afraid of spiders, mosquitoes, flies, or bugs.