3 in 1 Backpack – Snooki Wookie and Sasquatch

Star Wars Chewbacca Backback Buddy Plush

Are you a Star Wars fan? Than your wasting your time looking at this page because you already have this Chewbacca backpack. If you don’t have it… Then your going to need to go ahead and get it. This backpack is just like any other backpack, it holds your sh*t. But other backpacks don’t look like a baby Sasquatch trying to strangle you. Everyone loves Chewy so why not wear your love for his him right on your back! It’s definitely a different way for you to store your belongings and you’ll be able to take Chewy with you everywhere you go. If you wear this dressed up like C3PO it would be an awesome role reversal. Never leave home without your Wookie.