Feed Me Seymour – Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

 Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set
The Little Desktop Of Horrors. When your at work we understand that minutes often feel like hours and hours few days. In order to break up this monotony you need a little entertainment. Your not designed to act like a zombie, you need stimulation. So what better way to do this than with a Carnivorous desktop plant set. This set offers over ten different carnivorous plant species that will provide you hours of entertainment as you watch insects slowly meet their maker as they are painfully digested by variety of meat eating floral. There is truly nothing quite like it, especially at your desk. So here how it works,  you buy a set and begin to grow your own collections of these feared and famous meat eating plants. The deluxe set provides you with the seeds of over ten carniovorous plants. After you plant them, watch them grow into bug-eating monsters. You will be delighted with your custom created water bog, which includes peat planting mix, blue Swamp Rocks, three Bog Buddies and full color decals. This unique and unsual collection of meat eating plants will flourish for years in this specially designed terrarium as long as proper care is taken.

Each Complete Kit Includes:

  • Growing Dome
  • Planting Mixture
  • Carnivorous Seed Pack:
    • Venus Fly Trap
    • Yellow Trumpet
    • Hooded Pitcher Plant
    • Purple Pitcher Plant
    • Pale Trumpet
    • Temperate Sundew Plants
    • Cobra Lillies
  • 3 Photo Decals
  • 3 Bog Buddies
  • Swamp Rocks
  • Instructions and Information Manual

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