Frozen Speed Chess Set – Ice That Son Of A Bishop

Ice Speed Chess Set

Ice Speed Chess Set
-Ice your that son of a bishop with this speed chess set.

Play fast!
Everyone will be jealous when they see your chess set, all you have to do is pop these unique chess ice cube trays in the freezer and wait for them to freeze. After that pop them out and start playing. You don’t have to stop at just water, you can filled these molds with juices, chocolate, or any freezable liquid you would like.  How many games can you play through before your pawns melt or you can just use these as ice for your beverages.
Product Features
  • Silicone Ice mold creates frozen chess pieces perfect for playing in the arctic
  • Comes with TWO molds, enough to make two sets of chess pieces
  • Makes great ice cubes for that Kasparov martini recipe you’ve been saving
  • Create two different colors of chess pieces by using juice instead of water
  • Does NOT come with a chess board. Please supply your own.

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