Laser Tag Target Gun Alarm Clock

Laser Tag Target Alarm Clock-  Shoot Your Alarm Clock Off In The Morning

This Target Alarm Clock is a clock that makes you shoot the bulls eye to turn off the alarm. This clock was designed to solve the problem of not getting out of bed. Rather than hitting the snooze button and going back to bed, You have to locate your gun, take aim and shoot the bulls eye to shut the damn thing up. The makers of this product designed it to only shut off with high accuracy. Not to mention, springing out of your bed shooting not only will make you look gangster but it’s a great way to train for any bedroom intruder. This alarm clock also allows you to record your own sounds which might put some joy into waking up.  This is the perfect gifts for both kids and adults. In addition alarm clock also has game mode for added fun, so your not just limited to shooting this thing when you wake up. Start your day off with accuracy!