Marshmallow Gun – Shoot Your White Load On Anyone

Marshmallow Shooter

 Marshmallow Shooter-Shoot Your White Load
The Marshmallow Shooter is another excellent addition to your arsenal of office war gear. This gun is capable of shooting over 30ft, just cock your confection and blast your load all over your friends, they won’t be begging for “Smore”  The gun is easy to fire and just as easy to reload. This makes it perfect for quick attacks or just as quick defense. The barrel hold up to 20 marshmallows to ensure you have enough ammo for long battles when you have to lay in the trenches covering your friends. The Marshmallow Shooter won the Creative Child Magazine seal of excellence  in 2004, not sure what this means other than its safe for the office. The only thing that is not recommended safe is eating used ammo, but I think they are still safe for S’mores or the 5 second rule still applies.

  • Shoots over 30 feet.
  • Magazine holds 20 rounds of ammo.
  • Mini-marshmallows not included – shoots any brand.