Ninja Star Push Pins – A Cork Board Like An Alley in Tokyo

Ninja Star Push Pins
Ninja Star Push Pin- Make anything look like the streets of Tokyo

Ninja Note Attacker

There are many ways that you can let people in your office know how you feel about them. Of course you can just tell them, but the nonverbal signs can be much better. If you like them you can leave a sticky note saying something nice, like “Great Job” on there desk. If you don’t, you can put laxatives in their coffee. Or, you can intimidate them as a ninja would by leaving an angry note on their cubicle wall with a throwing star, but not a real throwing star, but a Ninja Star Push Pin.

Each set will bring you three Ninja Stars of posting doom. Each star has one corner cut off and replaced with two push pins, so when they are embedded in the wall (or cork board or foam board) they look like they were thrown with great force. And apart from looking cool in the wall, the stories of how the Ninja Star Push Pins got there in the first place will quickly become the things of office legend – because nothing adds emphasis to a sign or note like a Ninja Star. For an added effect you can dip the push pin in red ink to let everyone know you mean business.

Ninja Star Push Pins

  • These push pins make it look like your office space has been attacked by a bunch of ninjas.
  • Made of injection molded ABS with a chrome plated finish.
  • Three Ninja Star Push Pins per set.
  • Dimensions: approx. 2.75″ tip to tip